We are group of 200 plus women from a wide variety of backgrounds who engage in activities ranging from book clubs to tennis, bridge clubs to walking groups and exciting monthly programs throughout the year. Bucks County Neighbors is active from September through May. Many lasting friendships begin with attending one of our Newcomer Coffees at one of our member’s homes. You will be welcomed and there is a good chance that you will find that you have many interests in common with our membership.

Once a month we hold a General Meeting and Program. Some of our past meetings included speakers on local history, women’s health issues, and our now annual Club-wide Game and Card Party. Our Vice Presidents in charge of Programs look for a variety of topics of interest to women. We hold our meetings in various public places such as the David Library, Makefield Highlands Golf Club, and local restaurants.

If you are looking for a club that has it all … friendship, activities, and social awareness … Bucks County Neighbors may be for you. Check our list of activities on the left to see what may be of interest. Or join our club and put together a group that we do not have currently. We are always looking for new members with fresh ideas and a knack for organizing. You will find that you will get back a lot more than you put in.

All of us at Bucks County Neighbors hope to meet you soon and get to know you!

For information on how to join Bucks County Neighbors download our Application Form; for information on how to attend one of our Newcomer Coffees, e-mail us by using the Contact Us form.

Message From BCN President

Ellen Stupak_IMG_3555_RETI am so pleased that you have taken this step to explore your new community and the wonderful opportunities it offers for fun and friendship. Bucks County Neighbors began a few years ago as an outgrowth of Welcome Wagon. Since then we have added a wide range of activities and programs which have attracted women who recently made Bucks County their home. These women come from different areas of the country and have diverse backgrounds and experiences and this is what makes our club vibrant and worthy of your time.

The broad range of activities we offer will give you exciting options to have fun, meet new people and get involved. You will be encouraged to offer your thoughts, energies, and talents to broaden the scope of the group and what it offers.

Whether you are new to Bucks County or have been living here for years, we want to get to know you. As a prospective member, you are entitled to attend two activities to get to know us before you join our club. I would love to meet you at a Newcomer Coffee held in October and March or at a General Meeting and Program on the third Tuesday of the month. For more information, please email us by using the Contact Us form.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.



President, 2014-2015

Newcomer Coffees

Newcomer Coffees are held twice a year – in the Spring and Fall – at the homes of our members. These Coffees are designed as an informal welcome for new and potential members. Newcomers are joined by some of the BCN Board and other club members who provide information about the club, its activities and its social awareness programs. Coffee and light refreshments are served. It’s a nice way to meet people when you are new and to determine what activities may be of interest to you. Many times the Coffees lead into lunch with more opportunities to find out about us. Everyone is welcome! Use our Contact Us form for information about Bucks County Neighbors, or how to attend a Coffee.

General Meetings and Programs

These events give you an opportunity to meet with the Executive Board and a broad range of the membership outside of the specific activities that you usually attend. These meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month from September through May. They usually begin at 10:00 AM and end in the early afternoon depending on the program.

The General Meetings usually start with a brief overview by the President and members of the Executive Board to update attendees on the issues, or specific upcoming events of the club. This is followed by a Program that has been designed to meet a wide range of interests. There are two major luncheons during the year – one in the December Holiday Season and one in May that closes the year and installs the new Board of Directors. They are always held in lovely country club settings or fine area restaurants.

Download our Application Form to join Bucks County Neighbors.

“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. ” - Margaret Mead

Over 200 members and growing.